Accessories for generating (rolling) machines

For all kinds of generating (rolling) machines, there is a wide range of accessories:

Support S2R

Are used on roller marking machines to rotate the part to be marked

The marking head causes the part to be rotated druing the marking process

Adjustable support S2R

Rotates the part which is marked undeneath the types which are mounted in the typeholder during
the marking cycle

Distance between both rollers is easy set up.

Support S1R

Is used for marking of thin wall and hollow parts

Support SR100

This roller support servers to také the circular typeholder RPC 101 for conical types. It is also possible to use the special wheel with diameter 60 mm engraved with special logos or text.

Support S3R

Only possible to use with machine MB71CE

Its major task is to guide the bars and profiles underneath the marking head continuously in the straight direction.