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Marking by means of various types or prints has been used from the oldest times. All kinds of materials can be marked quickly and easily by means of manual stamps (punches). This type of marking is suitable for areas which require high flexibility, and it does not include a large number of products. Individual marks or signs can be applied; or potentially short text or number lines by means of a stand. Appropriate quality of the mark can be ensured by using high quality types with observed shape and applied material quality. Our types have been produced for several decades and their quality belongs amongst the highest on the market.


The types are produced from high quality steel, with letters and numbers in sizes from 1 to 10mm. They are intended for use with the typeholder. We guarantee high quality, accuracy, unified sizing, long service life, clean and completely centred scribing.

Hand punches

Manual stamps (hand punches) represent the simplest method of marking the products. They are produced from high quality materials, and the processing method takes place under strict supervision. Due to the aforementioned, our stamps belong to the highest quality class.

Types and hand stamps production

If you need to mark a logo or another specific symbol, we will produce a tailored stamp or print. You can send your requirements or a drawing, and contact directly our business department.